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Air Bearings Rotary Stages For Metrology Applications Launched

Physik Instrumente has announced a new large motorized rotary air bearing adding to its existing families of PIglide air bearing rotary stages. The A-688 model offers superior positioning and geometric performance, absolute high-resolution encoders, and a large, ⌀260mm clear aperture making the air bearing stage a precision instrument for optical alignment, metrology, inspection, calibration, and scanning.

Air-bearings have no rolling or sliding elements and deliver frictionless, non-contact motion, resulting in negligible reversal error, better flatness, and minimal wobble and eccentricity. All these are ideal prerequisites for applications such as inspection and metrology, calibration, and scanning of high-end parts such as infrared and precision optics, turbine blades, shafts and bearings in aerospace, aircraft, automotive, semiconductors, and photonics industries.

Air bearings replace mechanical contact by a thin film of air which is completely frictionless, resulting in no breakaway stiction or drag friction during operation. Featuring high performance, low-cogging frameless slotless torque motors and optical encoders, these stages can be used in any orientation.

The A-688 is customizable with options to create a solution for point-to-point indexing or constant velocity scanning. Coupled with no required maintenance or lubrication, these rotary positioners have a virtually unlimited life.

Product Features & Advantages Include

  • ⌀260mm clear aperture
  • 77kg load capacity
  • 0.0015µrad max. resolution
  • 500 RPM max.
  • Flatness/Eccentricity <175/300nm
  • Wobble: < 1µrad
  • Direct drive

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