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Affordable Professional Grade Hand-Held 3D Scanners Introduced

peel 3d has announced the launch of peel 2-S, a professional-grade 3D scanner measurement technology optimized for small and intricate parts with lots of details, such as injected plastic parts, small electrical components, or complex mechanical components. Due to its smaller field of view, peel 3D offers an impressive resolution of up to 0.1 mm and volumetric accuracy of 0.3 mm/m.

The peel 2-S is also available as peel 2 CAD-S, a higher performance model offering a more complete version of the peel 2-S for specific work on reverse engineering projects. Fully compatible with CAD software, peel 2 CAD is the most complete and affordable solution available to prevent the necessity of going through third-party software to perform reverse engineering.

“Many of our customers around the globe were asking us for a professional-grade and cost-effective 3D scanner that could tackle trickier small parts and intricate parts,” explained François Leclerc, head of the peel 3d initiative. “This new solution, which is also available in models for reverse engineering, is the perfect complement to peel 2. peel 3d now covers the entire spectrum of part sizes, which is important advantage for our customer base.”

When combined with the peel 2 3D scanner, which is ideal for medium- and large-size parts, peel 2-S gives users even more 3D scanning versatility. peel 2 and peel 2-S are the ultimate 3D scanner combo for all types of applications.

The peel 2-S comes complete two boxes of 500 targets, power supply, USB cable and calibration plate

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