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Advanced Diagnostic Tool For Absolute Encoders Launched By Renishaw

Renishaw has launch a new addition to its Advanced Diagnostic Tool (ADT) family of encoder tools for encoder installation.

The ADTa-100 interface serves as an installation tool and diagnostic accessory designed to be used with Renishaw’s rotary and linear absolute optical encoders. It acquires comprehensive real-time data from the readhead which assists with quick and easy encoder installation, and in-field fault finding, potentially saving time and reducing installation and maintenance costs.

ADTa-100 can be operated in both stand alone mode and in conjunction with a PC.  In stand alone mode, connected to a power supply or a battery, the signal size and encoder status is indicated through a built-in array of seven multicolour LEDs. For enhanced functionality, including the ability to change the encoder scale zero position, the user can connect ADTa-100 hardware, via a standard USB connector, to a PC running Renishaw’s ADT View software.

ADT View software provides a user-friendly graphical interface of advanced diagnostic information from Renishaw encoders, including signal size, Lissajous plots, position DRO and system configuration information. The software is compatible with Renishaw’s latest incremental and absolute encoders and is freely available as a download from the Renishaw website.

ADTa-100 hardware has a compact form factor, which allows for easy storage, transport and usage. It is a powerful tool for users of Renishaw’s range of state-of-the-art absolute optical encoders.

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