Advanced 3D Optical Sensing Integrates with Face++ Software

AMS, a leading worldwide supplier of high performance sensor solutions, and Face++, a leader in artificial intelligence software, have agreed a co-operation arrangement to accelerate OEMs’ and system integrators’ deployments of 3D optical sensing technologies.

This partnership means that manufacturers can go to market faster with superior systems for performing functions such as face recognition, and augmented/virtual reality. The 3D optical sensing solutions created by ams and Face++, which use infrared light projectors to map the surface of real-world objects such as a user’s face, are bringing about profound changes in the operation of security and authentication functions. 3D optical sensing, for instance, enables face recognition in the mobile phone, giving users an easy and secure alternative to PIN codes and fingerprint sensing for device unlocking and payment functions.

Most stereoscopic imaging platforms use two cameras at different angles to capture images. Image-processing software identifies common features in both images and extract distance information following a triangulation method. A common issue in stereoscopic imaging is encountered when the scene lacks features (non-textured surfaces) which causes the 3D information to become incomplete or inaccurate. Furthermore, the search for features in the images often results in high computational load. AMS has developed a unique, proprietary solution to effectively address these issues. Its illuminator is the most compact dot-projector for stereoscopic imaging available by producing a very high-contrast dot pattern that stereo-matching algorithms can use to solve low-texture issues and achieve high-accuracy depth maps. The presence of the infrared pattern also reduces considerably the computational load required by the software, as it offers many features for matching the left and right images.

In a structured light camera, the infrared illuminator plays a critical role for 3D sensing: it projects a pre-determined, or “encoded,” pattern onto the scene, which can be “decoded” by specific algorithms to extract depth information over the entire image. Structured light illuminator developed by AMS AG employs a proprietary illuminator architecture to produce a high-quality 30k-dot infrared pattern at 940nm that is ideal for front-facing mobile platforms aiming to perform 3D capture for face authentication applications.

Under the new partnership, ams and Face++ will co-ordinate efforts to ensure that the operation of ams 3D optical sensing systems and Face++ technologies are optimized for each other. ams and Face++ will also collaborate on customer service to provide co-ordinated system-level technical support to product manufacturers.

“By linking our 3D sensing systems with Face++ technology, we are enabling manufacturers to add these popular features to their products quickly and smoothly. Together, ams and Face++ are showing that 3D sensing solutions are ready for the mainstream now in every market sector, from consumer to automotive, medical and industrial electronics,” says Ulrich Huewels, Executive Vice-President & General Manager for Optical Sensor Solutions at ams.

“Face++ software already offers better performance in popular functions such as user face recognition,” says Wu Wenhao, Senior Vice President of Face++. “The partnership with ams strengthens the appeal of our software even more, because it allows us to provide our customers with a complete and optimized hardware and software system. Manufacturers will benefit hugely from avoiding the development risk and time associated with 3D sensing software and hardware integration.”

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