Adcole Launch Optical Cylindrical Coordinate Measurement Machines

Adcole Corporation has announced two new optical measurement systems.  The company’s new LightSCOPE™ and LightSCAN™ optical measurement systems will be exhibited at IMTS 2018 (McCormick Place, Chicago, September 10-15, 2018). The optical systems will be fitted into Adcole 911 and 1200-LX Cylindrical Coordinate Measurement Machines (CCMMs), two of the companies flagship products. Both optical measurement systems benefit advanced manufacturing operations with high speed scanning of complex camshaft and crankshaft parts, and deliver extremely accurate non-contact measurement data in a shop floor ready configuration.

The Model 911 flexible vertical gage is ideal for measuring camshafts, pistons, pump rotors/housings, transmission shafts and many other cylindrical components. The 1200-LX is a high-precision gage that uses a laser interferometer system for precise follower positioning to measure crankshafts, camshafts, and other large cylindrical components in demanding production environments. Simple to operate, with comprehensive, easy-to-understand pass/fail output reports, the Model 1200-LX helps advanced manufacturers verify part tolerances, minimize scrap, and eliminate quality breaches. Both gages are programmable for automated measurement sequences, are equipped with an accurate headstock spindle that has a runout of less than 0.1 µm, both feature an intuitive user interface with touchscreen monitor, and deliver 3,600 data points per revolution (every 1/10 of a degree).

“The LightSCOPE and LightSCAN optical measurement systems add a tremendous amount of speed and flexibility to your metrology process. By integrating these optical measurement systems into the best CCMMs in the business, manufacturers stand to gain a significant quality edge,” states Jeff Walker, President and CEO, Adcole Corporation. “These innovative and flexible non-contact measurement systems will serve the needs of forward-thinking customers looking to reduce the time and costs associated with comprehensive metrology.

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