Adcole Introduces Surface Finish Inspection Machine With Dual Measuring Heads

Adcole Corporation has launched the 1000-Zygo Surface Finish Inspection Gage to measure roughness, waviness, and lay of camshafts, crankshafts and other precision machined components. The new gage features both optical and tactile measuring heads, greatly expanding upon the inspection capabilities of ordinary profilometers, and providing precise inspection of crankshaft and camshaft surface geometries that were previously unobtainable. In addition to lobes, journals, and pins, it is now possible to assess sliding camshaft features such as camtrack sidewalls and bottom grooves. There is also the potential to measure the deep rolled fillets on crankshafts.

The 1000-Zygo utilizes white-light interferometry and a diamond-tipped probe to achieve exceptional accuracy and repeatability as parts are rotated and scanned at a high sampling rate. The gage is perfectly adapted to the rigors of the shop floor, with anti-vibration technology and with a granite and steel construction. Comprehensive, user-friendly software allows operators to run completely automated surface inspection with speed, ease, and minimal training, saving time while freeing up valuable man-hours.

Adcole’s 1000-Zygo Surface Finish Inspection Gage enables engine component manufacturers to meet high-volume production demands while still maintaining strict quality standards and minimizing defective parts.

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