AccuSite Optical Robot Tracking Enables CMM Level Accuracy for Plant Floor Metrology

Perceptron has announced its AccuSite® Optical Tracking technology is a finalist for the Automotive News PACE Awards. AccuSite optical robot tracking is clamed to enables CMM level accuracy for plant floor metrology application. Conducting the PACE Awards for 26 years, Automotive News recognizes suppliers for their advancement of automotive technologies and processes with proven success in the market.

The Perceptron AccuSite optical tracking technology and combined Helix-evo sensor achieves system level accuracy of less than 0.150 mm, validated using industry standard performance metrics, per the DIN-ISO 10360-8 standard.

“We are excited to once again be recognized by the Automotive News judging committee as a finalist,” said Dave Watza, CEO for Perceptron. “This finalist nomination validates Perceptron’s ability to continuously improve, develop and deliver innovative, market-driven solutions to help our customers find and solve problems on the plant floor. Many of our customers were able to see our AccuSite product in action on several demonstration systems during our customer open house this past week. Our successful launch of AccuSite to the global manufacturing market provides the first ‘zero-compromise’ plant floor robotic measurement solution.”

Perceptron has combined almost 40 years of metrology, customer input and manufacturing experience to create a truly absolute robotic measurement solution. As the Helix evo sensor scans various features on the part within the manufacturing line, the AccuSite tracker instantly locates the sensor’s exact position and orientation in space. The AccuSite option eliminates all mechanical drift and temperature influence from the measurement results, without markers or other part preparation and within measurement cycle time.

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