Accurate Portable 3D Measurements On The Production Floor

Aircraft engine service (MRO) shop BP Aero in Dallas Texas used 4D InSpec to make accurate 3D measurements of defects on their shop floor. It gained them business because they were better able to determine if parts are serviceable or not, and to provide more information faster to the customer about a questionable part surface.

Director of BP Aero Kevin Hughes tells us what the 4D InSpec has meant to his shop:

 – Faster, easier, more accurate surface defect measurements

 – Transmittable data to show customers what they need to know

 – Reduced disassembly/assembly time with better reach and versatility

 – Saved customer’s parts, and their money

How much money could you get back by being better at measuring parts in aero engine service, maintenance, renovation and overhaul? Get a demo of 4D InSpec, the handheld gauge for 3D surface measurements. It’s transforming parts manufacturing, inspection and repair.

See for yourself.