Accretech Acquires SBS Balancer Product Range

ACCRETECH (Europe) GmbH, the international product brand of Tokyo Seimitsu Co., based in Munich, Germany has acquired the Balancer product range (SBS®) from Schmitt Industries Inc. The purchase was initiated by the Tosei Engineering Group, a fully-owned subsidiary. SBS has its head office in Portland, USA, and a global distributor network with its own sales offices in Germany and the United Kingdom. Tokyo Seimitsu is known internationally under the brand name ACCRETECH.

Merger Facilitates Highly Automated, Complete Solutions

ACCRETECH develops high-precision measuring technology and offers technologically sophisticated, customized solutions for production lines. With the acquisition of SBS, ACCRETECH is expanding its product portfolio to include automatic and manual balancing products, as well as acoustic emissions sensor solutions. The SBS product range from Schmitt Industries is the world leader in the field of grinding wheel balancing and grinding process monitoring. The dynamic balancing systems developed by SBS can detect vibrations as small as 0.02 micrometers and dynamically correct them to guarantee product quality. The acoustic emissions sensors from SBS help to maximize the efficiency of the grinding process, improve parts throughput, and cut operating costs. As inline products, SBS products are part of in-process solutions.

Wolfgang Bonatz, Managing Director of ACCRETECH Europe GmbH, is convinced: “The SBS range from Schmitt represents the ideal addition to ACCRETECH’s inline products. With the integration of the SBS product portfolio, we will in future be able to offer our customers cost-effective and highly automated complete solutions.”

Existing and New Customers Benefit from the Extended Portfolio

SBS systems are primarily sold to machine tool manufacturers and grinding machine users. SBS precision balancing systems are used by many of the world’s leading automotive, aerospace, steel, bearing and turned parts manufacturers. Other industries, however, where production tolerances need to be particularly precise, can also benefit from the high quality of SBS systems. “We are confident to have found the ideal strategic partner for SBS in ACCRETECH. Thanks to its expertise in measuring systems, ACCRETECH is able to maximize the SBS business line while continuing to offer first-class support to all SBS customers”, says Michael Zapata, CEO of Schmitt Industries.

Tosei Engineering, the owner of in-process solutions within the ACCRETECH Group, develops and produces high-quality, automated solutions for compact measuring control units with a protected type of construction. With its modular system configuration, testing equipment can be adapted to customers’ requirements. Measuring equipment from ACCRETECH features precise and reliable technologies and is especially used in the automotive industry, medical engineering, aviation technology, mechanical engineering, and in workshops. Many of the devices are patented.

With the purchase of SBS, ACCRETECH is able to access its sales network and acquire new customers.

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