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Accolade For Fully Automated Inline Micro CT

Waygate Technologies (formerly GE Inspection Technologies) has earned the Best Practices and Global Market Leadership Award for Industrial Computed Tomography (CT) Solutions 2020 from Frost & Sullivan, an international consulting and research firm which helps businesses improve their products and services as well as better align with market requirements.

Frost & Sullivan noted in a statement, “Waygate Technologies is an innovator, helping industries achieve new levels of performance, production, and profit. The company is leading the industry’s future, establishing market leadership with the most comprehensive product suite in industrial CT.”

The newest addition to Waygate Technologies’ line-up enables the company to further capitalize on inline production opportunities. Phoenix Speed|scan HD is a fully automated inline micro CT inspection solution that brings 3D inspection to the production floor by enabling increased scanning speeds without sacrificing image quality. It is designed for a versatile range of applications in the electronic device manufacturing, automotive and battery industry, but also aerospace, defense as well as the medical sector. Some of the typical inline inspection applications for Phoenix Speed|scan HD include injection moldings and complex and detailed electronic assemblies. With cycle times of less than 60 seconds and 24/7 operability, the new system can easily be employed in high-throughput and high-volume production.

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