A Game-Changer in Mobile Scanning?

Brunson Instrument Company will launch STASIS, a mobile, agile scanning instrument positioner at the Control 2019 Exhibition. The first-of-its-kind product allows all brands of scanning instruments, up to 15.87Kg to be positioned quickly and steadily anywhere within a 3-meter horizontal and 2.1meter vertical-range atop a sturdy, 4-wheeled Brunson base. Remarkably flexible and steady, STASIS is a carefully counter-balanced, gimbal-style mount that allows the operator to move from position to position, easily capturing scanning shot after shot with minimal dwell time.

“Compared with old technology fixed-mount scanners, STASIS is a complete game changer,” said Richard Powell, Brunson’s Chief Operating Officer. “We anticipate great interest from industrial metrology customers needing to move their scanner simply and quickly from shot to shot,” he added, “we are very proud of this game-changing new product and how it will serve our customers.”

The hand-controlled STASIS positioner allows the operator to very simply adjust the roll, pitch and yaw for each shot and provides an a 3m horizontal range. STASIS’ vertical span extends from a position of almost 2.5m high to as low as 356mm from the floor, all without moving the base; the integral four-wheeled base can be easily transported throughout a production facility.

With a carriage assembly design that balances around the scanner’s center of gravity, STASIS’ Counterbalanced Support System (patent pending), moves the metrology equipment easily and settles in place very quickly, allowing for rapid and subtle scanner placement, and diminished time between shots.

For more information: www.brunson.us