Collaborative Robot Partnership Brings Vision To Global Market

OMRON Corp., based in Kyoto, Japan and Techman Robot Inc. of Taoyuan, Taiwan, have announced that the two corporations have signed an agreement to form a strategic alliance in the area of collaborative robots. Through this alliance, OMRON will globally market and sell Techman’s TM series of collaborative robots via OMRON’s worldwide distribution network under a co-branded logo, starting in the second half of FY2018. Furthermore, OMRON and Techman will cooperate in developing the next generation of collaborative robots that will be easier to integrate with OMRON’s other factory automation products in order to realize an innovative manufacturing environment where humans and machines work in harmony.

Built-in Intelligent Robot Vision System

A huge technological breakthrough for TM Robot is the integration of a standard vision system with its Collaborative Robot hardware & software. Users no longer have to integrate complicated sensors.  The provided vision functions include pattern recognition, object position, image enhancement mode, bar code identification, and color differentiation. These diversified functions are all seamlessly integrated in the control system of the TM Robot.

Factories worldwide are facing major challenges in having to manufacture a high-mix low volume of products to meet their customer needs and shorter product life cycles while dealing with labor shortage issues. Manufacturing companies must maintain flexibility in quick changeovers and production line layout changes. Collaborative robots that can work safely in the same environment with people have an important role in enabling this kind of “flexible manufacturing.”

In addition to the regular TM series of collaborative robots, OMRON will start selling the new models which are “mobile compatible,” meaning that they can be easily integrated with OMRON’s LD mobile robots. OMRON’s mobile robots, which can move autonomously by avoiding people and obstacles, already work safely with humans by automating material-handling operations all over the world. Mounted with a collaborative robot arm on top, they can not only transport materials from one location to another but will also be able to perform tasks, such as the pick-and-place of parts onto trays, in each of the locations.

“Since the acquisition of Adept Technology in 2015, OMRON has been putting great resources in the development of the robotics technologies and market,” said Seigo Kinugawa, Executive Officer and Senior General Manager of the Robotics Business Development Project at OMRON’s Industrial Automation Company, adding, “The alliance with Techman is aimed to advance the collaboration between humans and robots in manufacturing environments. OMRON’s entry into the collaborative arm robot market, in addition to the mobile robot market, will accelerate OMRON’s ‘innovative-Automation!’ initiative, the goal of which is to bring innovation to factories through the collaboration of humans and machines.”

“TM robots are smart, simple to use and safe,” said Ho Shi-Chi, Chairman of Techman Robot Inc. “We endeavor to improve the life of humans based on innovation and our alliance with OMRON will help us move a big step toward that goal.”

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