8-Megapixel Compact Scanner Variant Launched

With the new ATOS Compact Scan 8M, GOM introduces a new starter model of its proven 3D measuring system for scanning and analysis tasks in industrial quality assurance. The compact ATOS system is often used directly on site without having to transport the object to a measuring room. By expanding the ATOS Compact Scan model range by the new 8-megapixel variant, GOM is improving the optical quality of the system while at the same time keeping the base price unchanged. For users who require high-precision representations of surface structures, the high-resolutions system variant with a 12-megapixel camera is available.

ATOS Compact Scan supports measuring areas ranging from 40 mm² to 1,200 mm², making the system suitable for measuring and inspecting small to large objects. The complete scan kit including the 3D scanner and all accessories fits into a suitcase; the system is ready for use within a short time. The flexible measuring system also allows for measurements and inspections of large and heavy objects directly in the foundry or work shop.

The integrated GOM Touch Probe enables the measurement of surfaces in combination with tactile 3D measurements of individual measuring points even in areas that are difficult to access, such as bore holes or deep pockets. Switching between scanning and probing is quick and easy. Due to the tracking functionality (online measurement), users are able to directly compare the data with the CAD data during the production process. The measuring volume can be scaled through interchangeable lenses and adapted to the respective object within a few minutes. Any desired detail resolution and speed is possible with just one sensor head.

The supplied GOM software not only offers an intuitive graphical user interface and versatile options for analyzing 3D measuring data generated with ATOS Compact Scan 8M but also supports efficient quality control of manufacturing processes thanks to a free 3D viewer. The 3D viewer allows users to easily share data sets and measuring reports with customers or project members.

For more information: www.gom.com