5TONIC Laboratory Explores 5G For Metrology

Innovalia is to join the 5TONIC co-creation laboratory in Madrid as a new collaborator.

The objective of the collaboration is the experimentation of 5G technologies in the context of Metrology 4.0, Zero Defect manufacturing (ZDM) services and solutions for Industry 4.0. For these purposes, Innovalia will contribute to the collaboration providing access to Metrology 4.0 equipment, digital manufacturing platforms and a team with the ability to balance 5G development needs with current and future metrology services. Some of these activities will be funded by the recently granted Horizon 2020 European project 5G GROWTH, where Innovalia and several 5TONIC members are partners.

Working alongside 5TONIC member companies Telefónica, Ericsson, IMDEA Networks and University Carlos III Madrid, Innovalia will test the use of the 5G networks for improving metrology applications in factories, taking advantage of the flexibility, reliability and high capacity of the generation of mobile communications.

“Innovalia is a great new collaborator for 5TONIC in our objective of helping the industry to benefit from the adoption of 5G technologies in their processes,” said Arturo Azcorra, 5TONIC vice-chairman. “Their cooperative approach to innovation, as well as their extensive experience in European projects, fit very well with the spirit of the lab.”

Oscar Lázaro, Managing Director of Innovalia Association, the research lab of the Innovalia Alliance, said: “For innovalia, participating in 5TONIC is an opportunity to continue evolving our products incorporating technology developed in highly innovative environments”

For more information: www.innovalia.com    www.5tonic.org