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5th Annual Smart Manufacturing Summit Goes Virtual

The 5th Annual Smart Manufacturing Virtual Summit will be the first event to allow the of exchange knowledge and collaborate with peers through a new online experience. Through several product tests, brainstorming sessions and many design-thinking workshops, the new Luxatia app has been created.

The Luxatia app will provide several virtual platform benefits allowing visitors to receive the same outstanding business conference experience from the safety and comfort of their home.

Like so many other events, COVID-19 has caused a rapid adjustment in strategy. Organizers had to figure out how to continue safely providing a platform for industry experts to gather and share cutting-edge information to push businesses forward while also establishing meaningful connections in a new socially distanced world.

The Smart Manufacturing Virtual Summit will take place on September 3rd & 4th 2020. Visitors will be able to network with industry leaders while exploring solutions to drive change in supply chain, product design and productivity.

This 5th edition is designed as a two-track event so visitors can dive into the key issues regarding Robotics & Automation or Manufacturing Excellence. Visitors choose the track that interests them the most to engage with live and can enjoy the other sessions from any connected device after the event. All of the sessions will be available to re-watch through the app after the event.

The 5th edition will focus on the implementation of IoT, robotics and automation to achieve substantial growth in ROI while increasing cost savings and ability to perform exceptionally in complex functions and processes.

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