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5-Axis Optical 3D Metrology Center Uses Machine Tool Technology

EDM Intelligent Solutions (EDMIS), the automation group within EDM Department Inc., has developed a unique, 5-Axis 3D Metrology Center based on a machine tool motion system with fully integrated high-resolution 3D metrology sensors.

Utilizing industry proven FANUC CNC controls and servo motors, the MVi5 offers the reliability and long-life performance that users in the aerospace, automotive, mechanical engineering, medical, plastics, and semiconductor technology industries have come to trust. The robust machine tool base houses a top of the line motion system with linear travels of 300mm  x 300mm x 300mm on X, Y and Z axes along with integrated glass measuring scales on each axis. The heavy-duty rotation and tilt unit features an enhanced part and fixture payload of 20kg with a B-Axis tilt range of +/-120° and continuous C-Axis rotation of 360°, with both axes having integrated absolute encoders.

Advanced 3D metrology sensors featuring measurement speeds of up to ≤ 1.7 million points per second and high resolutions of 10nm allow the MVi5 to measure form, distance, height, surface roughness, true position, scan vs. CAD model differences and scan vs. scan differences all in one rugged multi-sensor platform that is ready to be installed directly on the manufacturing production floor.

The need for hands on, complex programming of the measurement and inspection tasks have been virtually eliminated and replaced with a user friendly, menu-based programming interface found in the Foundation Programming Environment from EDMIS. Customized 3D model-based measurement and inspection programs are automatically generated off the 3D solid model design of the part to be inspected. The user simply uploads the solid model, selects the areas to measure and a program is automatically generated.

Offline measurement and inspection programming is also offered through integration with common CAD/CAM software packages used by industry. Operation of the MVi5 5-Axis 3D Metrology Center is quick and simple via the touch screen optimized EDMISi human machine interface with native barcode compatibility.

User access controls and permissions allow operators to only select and run approved inspection programs while Engineering and Administration staff have full access to create and modify programs and to administer all features and functionality of the machine.

The MVi5 CNC 5-Axis 3D Metrology and Inspection Center from EDMIS  is a novel solution to some of the most demanding industrial metrology and measurement tasks. The integration of an industrial 5-Axis CNC control with advanced high-resolution 3D metrology sensors creates a stable shop-hardened measurement platform and furthers the commitment of EDMIS to create flexible and unique solutions for the world of industrial metrology and measurement.

EDM Intelligent Solutions (EDMIS) combines state of the art automation, measurement, and manufacturing technologies, along with 20 years of industry experience to providing customers with multidimensional automation solutions that fit specific custom needs. EDMIS specialize in machine tool manufacturing intelligence software, in-line and near-line industrial 3D metrology and inspection, robotic machine tending and pick and place systems, and solutions for automated manufacturing and quality monitoring of production processes.

MVi5 5-Axis 3D Metrology Center features include:

  • Automated Form, Roughness and Dimensional Measurements
  • 3D and 2D True Position Measurement Based off of Part Datums
  • 3D Difference Measurement vs. CAD Model or 3D Point Cloud
  • Automatic Part Datum Alignment Procedures to Register Part Coordinate System
  • Automatic Defect Detection and Text Recognition
  • Set Up Measurements Once and Run MultipleTimes in Production Environments
  • Automatically Measure Specific Dimensions and Generate Pass/Fail Reports
  • Offline and Online Program Generation with Automatic Program Generator
  • Intuitive User Interface with Administrator, Engineer, and Operator Modules
  • Integrated Barcode Scanner to Automatically Read Part Information from Routers
  • Ready for Automatic Machine Tending by a FANUC or Mitsubishi Robot

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