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4D Technology Announces New Director of Sales and Marketing

4D Technology Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Onto Innovation Inc., announces that Robert “Bob” Wasilesky has been appointed as its Director of Sales and Marketing.  Mr. Wasilesky succeeds Stephen Martinek, one of the inaugural members of 4D Technology, who is retiring after eighteen years with 4D.

Bob has served the industry of Surface and Dimensional Metrology for 30 years.  He has spent his life helping provide measurement solutions and educating others to understand and decode the ever changing progression of both contact and optical metrology.  He is a past contributing member of B46, B89 and ISO WC213.  His most recent endeavor was leading an Industry 4.0 and Robotic Guidance & Vision Automation Initiative for a well-known industrial metrology leader.  He brings decades of expertise in business development, product innovation, channel-to-market-building and industry wisdom from senior roles at some of the world’s leading metrology companies.

“With a treasure chest of wonderful and innovative technologies at 4D, I look forward to growing 4D Technology in all aspects of industrial metrology and robot vision.  I started my career in Automotive Metrology as computer programmer writing code for Camshaft, Crankshaft, Piston and Surface Roughness measurement. I have been lucky enough to have worked at some of the world’s best-known dimensional metrology companies always responsible for bringing the newest innovations to the mainstream automotive, aerospace, medical and semiconductor markets.  We at 4D are the definition of Metrology in Motion”, said Bob Wasilesky.

4D Technology is a global leader in dynamic interferometry and dynamic structured light, offering break-through products for optical manufacturers and industrial part measurement. 4D Technology products allow high speed dimension, surface quality, and roughness measurements—along with defect inspection—to be performed in dynamic situations. Traditional 3D measurement cannot produce reliable measurement data while moving or in vibration, which induce significant errors into the measurement process. Time is defined by 4D Technology as the 4th dimension in metrology. By using dynamic interferometry, 4D can accurately achieve ‘Metrology in Motion’.

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