3D VSHARPE Improves Quality of Industrial Computed Tomography

Varex Imaging Corporation has announced its updated 3D VSHARP software for industrial cone beam computed tomography (CBCT).

“Varex has a successful history of innovation and introducing game-changing technology to the X-ray imaging market,” said Sunny Sanyal, Chief Executive Officer of Varex Imaging Corporation. “Our 3D VSHARP software is a solution for industrial inspection systems manufacturers. Its next generation scatter-correction algorithm is designed with the aim of improving industrial CBCT image quality while maintaining reconstruction speeds that are fast enough for CBCT to potentially be used in automated inline inspection,” he added.

3D industrial CBCT using flat panel digital detectors has become a powerful tool for applications such as dimensional metrology, non-destructive testing, defect identification, and general quality control. One of CBCT’s advantages is that it allows for the entire image volume to be scanned in a single rotation thus greatly increasing throughput. However, the wide-area cone-shaped beam generates a large amount of scattered radiation that, if not corrected for, produces images that suffer from artifacts such as cupping, shading, streaks, false inhomogeneities, and quantification inaccuracies.

To help solve these issues, the Varex team has developed 3D VSHARP, a next generation CBCT scatter-correction algorithm that quickly calculates the photon transport through a first-pass CBCT volume model and separately estimates the primary photons and scattered photons arriving in the flat panel digital detector. 3D VSHARP then utilizes this information to remove the estimated scattered signal from the original projections. By coupling a proprietary fast finite-element deterministic photon transport solver with a commercially available GPU, Varex aims to greatly improve the quality of industrial CBCT while maintaining reconstruction speeds that are fast enough to open up the possibility of using CBCT for parts inspection on an assembly line.

For more information: www.vareximaging.com