3D Vision Sensors Accurately Measure Size and Position

IVS has launched a range of vision sensors for 3D vision operations in industrial environments. This series of products offers a wide range of powerful and flexible sensors, from single point displacement units to full 3D point cloud scanners. These products are designed for reliable operation in harsh industrial surroundings ensuring longevity and low maintenance.

The 3D vision systems introduced by IVS can also be used for many challenging inspection and guidance applications where traditional machine visions would struggle, such as assembly verification, robot pick and place, and precision 3D measurements. With these improved systems, manufacturers for industries can receive quality data instantly, and at full production speed. The accurate, high-speed measurement avoids costly slowdowns or processing errors, ultimately unlocking higher profit margins.

The advanced capability of the 3D systems, compared to conventional two-dimensional sensors, comes from their ability to measure size and position with extremely high accuracy – with resolutions down to micron level – regardless of an object’s height or colour. The sensors are able to capture 3D, scatter, and grayscale images simultaneously to produce a more robust and reliable vision control system, either through stand-alone sensors or complex engineered machines.

IVS 3D machine vision solutions provide:

  • High-speed measurement and results data in 3D at full production speed.
  • Highly accurate size and position measurement 3D data in real-time, regardless of an object’s height or color.
  • Simultaneously capturing 3D, scatter, and grayscale, allowing more reliable quality control.
  • Factory calibrated 3D cameras with built-in lighting instantly provides results, making integration easier.
  • Designed for tough industrial environments to ensuring longevity and low maintenance.

“One of the biggest vision technology challenges manufacturers face is the integration of 3D cameras. This complex technology requires vision engineering at an extremely high level; something that we can provide. IVS have experience in integrating such systems in many factory environments and applications. These 3D machine vision systems provide factory calibrated 3D with built-in lighting which means they instantly provide precision results, thus making the integration easier for the customer.”

IVS is already successfully implementing the 3D technology into inspection applications across a variety of industries.

For more information: www.industrialvision.co.uk