3D Surround Scanner CMM Has No Moving Parts

Polyrix has released its Polyscan XM Surround Scanner solution. PolyScan XM is designed to measure parts up to 750mm combining 210 scanning units and bridges the gap between the company’s existing XS and XL models. The versatile measurement system is aimed at high precision applications with a volumetric accuracy of 15µm.

Full part inspections are completed in just 6 minutes with the PolyScan XM. Polyrix has also introduced a new carbon fiber structure design with the XM making it perfect for metrology lab, or shop-floor installation. The scanning system mechanical structure is designed to remain stable with all braces kept rigid and mounted on isolation pads to block vibrations. The casings allow the aim of each optical scanning unit to be adjusted.

The 3D Surround Scanner has no moving parts allowing PolyScan to be the solution of choice for general purpose metrology applications or automated inspection. Unlike CMM and robot scanning solutions the surround scanner eliminates the need to program inspection trajectory with data quickly captured from every angle with no time lost due to sensor movement.

The PolyScan XM Surround Scanner is controlled from the PolyScan Control Center with its software controlling the hardware and performs all the necessary computations for the inspection. It is fully compatible with all major 3D inspection software providing output data in a standard format.

The system offers ‘Live Inspection’ whereby the calculated deviation color map can be projected back directly onto the measured part upon completion of the inspection cycle.

Companies are realizing the potential of our unique Surround 3D Scanning architecture: Full data capture in a motionless configuration brings speed, versatility, safety and ease of operation. Even more in the current pandemic context, where human interactions management is challenging, it makes sense to have a technology that can operate without any human intervention.” states Jonathon Bouchard.

Polyrix was founded in 2005 by researchers from the Computer Vision and System Laboratory of Laval University, in Quebec City, Canada. Based on the knowledge gained in performing cutting edge research in 3D, the team identified a need for fast and simple 3D scanners that could provide inspection in a disruptive way.

For more information: www.polyrix.com