3D Sensor Measures Free Form Reflective Surfaces Including Curved Displays

A new 3D sensor from ISRA offers versatile and high-precision measurement technology for the highly precise measurement of reflective surfaces for capturing free forms. The Wi-Fi-enabled sensor range can be used in the inspection of glass products, electronics and displays.

The SpecGAGE3D is a reliable measurement system for the detection of reflective surfaces, combining phase-measuring deflectometry in stereo mode with fringe pattern lighting. The sensor measures glossy and reflective surfaces, such as progressive bifocal lenses or deflection mirrors of head-up displays, with high-precision height and curvature measurements down to the nanometer or millidiopter. In addition, SpecGAGE3D quickly and reliably detects cosmetic errors during shape measurements, so that the defective parts can be rejected early in the process. In its latest version, the sensor is equipped with four cameras and can measure several parts simultaneously, thus reducing the cycle time.

Billions of tablets, smartphones and smartwatches are sold worldwide every year. To ensure that touch surfaces look immaculate and work correctly, every single display has to be checked for defects. New versions of a deflectometry system for measuring reflective surfaces now offer precise inspections of curved display and cover glass. Further applications include housing components, curved car interior elements and painted components.

The new system versions of the SpecGAGE3D can measure reflective and transparent surfaces using reflected (curved type) and transmitted (transmission type) light processes. Up to twelve cameras observe the stripe images that are projected onto the test surface by an LCD display to see how they are reflected and distorted on the object. The recorded image sequence and photogrammetric methods are all that are required to reconstruct the object geometry. These methods are particularly useful for inspecting curved displays all the way to the edges.

Connected 3D Quality Control: Versatile, Networked, Easy to Use
All sensors are equipped with Wi-Fi as standard. The systems are very easy to use and can even be controlled from a tablet using the “Remote Desktop” function. Network capability and embedded technology are general development objectives that ISRA is already
pursuing with its SmartCam solution, a camera with integrated computing power and “Touch & Automate” portfolio of network-enabled sensors. At the same time, ISRA is offering new management software with which the systems can share collected data with one other or with a database.

The Enterprise PROduction Management Intelligence Software (PROMI) uses the production line’s entire data set to provide users with a fully transparent overview of their manufacturing processes. Combined with network-enabled inspection technology, PROMI provides the basis for closely networked and Industry 4.0 compatible production.

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