3D Scanning Spray Evaporates After Use

The matting agent REFLECON® engineered for spray applications MR Chemie GmbH performs the effective dulling of reflecting, transparent or dark surfaces. REFLECON is used for the precise measurement of complex geometrics with 3D optical laser scanners. Despite the ongoing perfection of the scanning technology and software, there remain application cases in which surfaces are difficult or virtually impossible to measure or to scan.

To enable such objects to be captured a layer of REFLECON can be applied before scanning producing a completely dull, white and smooth surface. The possibility to stick photogrammetry reference markers onto the dulled surfaces is just another positive aspect. REFELCON products are easy to scan and free of original substances. REFLECON type 1 sublimates and evaporates residue-free, so that no post-cleaning is necessary.

Sublimation time depends on the material, surface structure and temperature of the measurement object as well as on the ambient conditions and thickness of the coating. The average sublimation time is one hour. MR Chemie GmbH also supplies a “type 2” product that does not sublimate for use when the matting agent can remain on the part surface and does not play any role for the ongoing manufacturing process.

For more information: www.reflecon.com