3D Scanning Sensor goes HD in High Speed

Compact ECCO 75 sensor series from SmartRay offer 3D image processing in full HD quality. The compact and light weight sensors have been developed for automatic optical inspection, visual robot control and demanding applications that require maximum precision and process security.

The SmartRay ECCO 75 is claimed to be the first measurement sensor of its type to offers an image resolution at full HD quality. Every 3D-profile created by the sensor consists of 1920 3D pixels rendering a resolution of 1.75 µm in all three dimensions allowing the identification of the smallest errors at optical inspection and an extremely precise automatic visual control. Environment does not influence the measurement precision of the 3D-laser sensor; the efficient optical filters completely fade out the effects of large luminosity differences, highly reflecting surfaces or critical external light interference.

The ECCO 75 measurement technology and data transmission comply with the highest requirements for industrial applications. Due to Dual Core processor technology, the 3D-laser sensor is capable to scan more than 7.5 million 3D-points per second for the scaled 3D-profiles of the measured. High-speed Gigabit Ethernet interface ensures data transmission in real time between the sensor and software.

For easy sensor set-up, visualization of images or change in the control parameters, the SmartRay StarterKit Software offers an intuitive user interface “Studio 4” guaranteeing easy set-up and operation. The calibration process developed by SmartRay corrects even the smallest deviations in the optical alignment or optical image during set-up and data exchange.

Sensor protection to class IP65 prevents the penetration of dust and humidity into the sensor casing. The compact sensor size allows for optimum sensor integration with its light weight light weight providing suitability for moving structure applications.

SmartRay is specialised in 3D-sensors* for measurements, quality controls and robot control allowing manufacturers to improve product quality, optimize automation processes and lower production costs.

For more information: www.smartray.com