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3D Scanning Seamlessly Measures Computer Keyboards

SmartRay has launched a new innovative single-scan solution for inspecting keyboard components. The keyboard is an essential external electronic input device for desktop, notebook and tablet computers. The components of a typical keyboard include the upper and lower covers, keycaps, trigger switches, circuit boards, wires and other materials. The inspection of each component during the production process is very important in order to ensure rapid and efficient assembly.

To ensure a high-quality keyboard product, manufacturers must meet demanding inspection requirements. Traditional 2D inspection techniques cannot meet the necessary measurements for depth, thickness and flatness. Additionally, the size of a typical keyboard means that a single 3D sensor is unable to inspect the entire area while delivering the required accuracy specifications.

A further challenge facing manufacturers is the shadow effect, which prevents all the measurements being made accurately by a single 3D sensor at the same time.

SmartRay’s solution combines two models from its cutting-edge ECCO 95 range of high-definition, high-speed 3D sensors. The ECCO 95.040 measures the outer length and width of the upper cover, along with the height and deviation of the edge buckle. The ECCO 95.100 measures the middle position of the upper cover, plus the height deviation and thickness of the keyboard hole site.

Either sensor can be used for the remaining measurements needed. Supported by SmartRay’s advanced software, this delivers a complete keyboard check in one scan.

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