3D Scanning Data Drives Prestigious Aston Martin Project

UK design and engineering specialist CALLUM was established in 2019 with Ian Callum CBE FRSE among its founding members. A celebrated British car designer, he has worked for the likes of Ford, TWR, Aston , and Jaguar Cars. CALLUM is currently working on a limited edition run of 25 bespoke-built Aston Martin Vanquish cars that are fully endorsed by Aston Martin. The new vehicles are redesigned and refined using new materials, advanced technologies and fresh inspiration for the ultimate in automotive performance and luxury.

Although CALLUM is maintaining the beautiful and instantly-recognizable Aston Martin Vanquish form, the new Vanquish 25 by CALLUM will be enhanced by a series of over 100 focused refinements – some subtle and nuanced, some more substantial and fundamental – which aim to sharpen the outline and make the Vanquish 25 the Grand Tourer for the 2020s.

To turn these innovations into reality, the CALLUM team first needed an accurate and detailed 3D scan of the interior and exterior of the Vanquish. Existing portable laser scanner technology was not up to the quality and standard CALLUM required for such a crafted quality product as the Vanquish 25. Although using a portable scanner offered flexibility and convenience, the model that CALLUM initially used was only able to scan the vehicle interior in local regions. When these local regions were combined, the resulting overall accuracy was insufficient for the company’s design needs.

Having discovered this, CALLUM got in touch with The 3D Measurement Company (T3DMC) looking for a 3D scanning system that was capable of providing more accurate results. After discussing the requirements for this demanding project and carrying out a detailed on-site assessment, Adam Stanley, managing director at T3DMC, recommended that a KSCAN 3D scanner would provide the right solution.

“When I met with the CALLUM team and discussed its challenges, I suggested the KSCAN because it is a handheld scanner that has been developed for large-scale measurements and is proven to give fast delivery of accurate data,” explained Adam Stanley. “With high resolution, a 600mm scanning area and advanced photogrammetry capabilities, this innovative scanner calculates millions of 3D point coordinates in seconds. This allows us to scan the interior of the vehicle in a coordinate system that is determined by hard geometric features underneath the chassis of the car, such as holes and slots. The exterior scan was done using the same frame of reference, guaranteeing that the exterior and interior scans were accurately and correctly aligned without the need for lengthy and complicated post processing.”

Photogrammetry is a measurement technique involving an optical CMM (coordinate measurement machine). It is a non-contact measuring technology and it has a proven track record of improving the accuracy of a scanning project. By positioning the scanner freely around the vehicle and then taking a series photographs of discrete measurement dots, it was possible to triangulate the precise position of those measurement dots in all regions of the car. It is this step that fundamentally improves the 3D scanning process because it allows the user to scan individual regions relative to each other within the same aligned global coordinate system.

“Creating the new Vanquish 25 models relies on artisan craftsmanship supported by modern day technology. Combining these specialist skills is a key element of our production process,” said Paul Kelly, head of production at CALLUM. “For example, each of the new Vanquish 25 vehicles has a bespoke hand-crafted interior designed specifically to suit the client for whom the vehicle is intended. Although every interior is different, they must all meet our exacting standards of fit and finish. We rely on scans taken by T3DMC to capture our artisans’ work and convert it to 3D data that allows us to produce beautiful components efficiently and cost effectively.”

T3DMC has a responsive and skilled team of engineers who specialize in laser-based scanning technologies that have applications in almost every sector of industry, from automotive and aerospace to consumer goods, casting, plastics and medical device manufacturing. In addition, T3DMC has an exclusive agreement with 3D scanning equipment manufacturer ScanTech. This allows T3DMC to offer a range of portable laser and optical scanners which, as CALLUM discovered, are unique in their ability to scan large surfaces quickly and accurately. The scanners deliver significant time savings that are especially important to high-value businesses such as those in the automotive sector.

“Thanks to T3DMC’s equipment and extensive know-how we saved time, not only during the measurement process but also during the design stages,” explained Miles Hulford, head of sales and client experience at CALLUM. “Using the KSCAN virtually eliminates errors, as we get accurate and reliable data from the outset. This has shortened lead times and saved us money. I would definitely recommend T3DMC as a trusted and knowledgeable partner for any design or manufacturing company out there!”

For more information: www.t3dmc.com