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3D Scanning Aids Creation of Anniversary Harley Davidson Custom Bike

Harley-Davidson Fans are certainly familiar with Thunderbike . Founded in 1985, the company from Hamminkeln in the Lower Rhine region of Germany specializes in the retrofitting of Harley-Davidson motorcycles (custom bikes) and operates a roadhouse on its premises, which has become the place to be for Harley fans in Germany.

Custom Bike for Company Anniversary

New Harbour Chopper Thunderbike – Michael Rauscher Glatzzo Photography

For the 35th company anniversary in 2020, a special motorcycle was built – a chopper, with a golden metal flake paint job. Various parts had to be custom-made for this, including a fender and a gas tank, which had to be attached as well as fitted with connectors. After the parts were manufactured in the company’s own welding shop, they were measured using the recently acquired 3D-Scanner HandySCAN 3D and Creaform’s VXelements software.

Thunderbike Scanner – Michael Rauscher Glatzzo Photography

The creaform HandySCAN 3D scanning system seemed to make the most sense to Thunderbike for their requirements, as mobile measurements often need to be taken at different locations and different types of surfaces need to be digitized. In addition, the scanner is very accurate and CAD models can be created directly.

Before the Creaform measurement system was acquired, measurements were taken manually, or service providers were contracted. Even though the anniversary custom bike could have been produced without using the HandySCAN 3D, everything would have taken much longer, especially the creation of the various 3D models. The scanned data obtained allowed the various brackets and connections to be simulated and tried out on a PC before the selected options were produced with CNC machines.

Thunderbike now has the ability to develop new parts and adapt or further develop existing parts, and now has the data digitally, so that they can reproduce all parts at any time as needed.

About Thunderbike

Thunderbike was founded in 1985 by Andreas Bergerforth and is still a family-owned company. It began with servicing and rebuilding motorcycles from various brands. Having partnered with Suzuki in 1987, a contract partnership with Harley-Davidson for the Lower Rhine was accepted in 2005. Thunderbike main business is the sale of new and refurbished Harley-Davidson motorcycles (“custom bikes”). Around 90 employees develop, design, produce, and sell products for the customization of Harley-Davidson motorcycles to a worldwide clientele.

In 2010, Thunderbike opened the Roadhouse on the company premises, where food and drinks are offered 7 days/week in the “American Way of Life”, and which has since become a trendy hangout, complementing the motorcycle division.

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