3D Scanner Reverse Engineering Solution Drives CAD Model Generation

Metrology UK have been offering cutting edge metrology solutions for over a decade in the UK & Ireland markets. With increased demand for a simpler solutions for reverse engineering they have recently teamed up with the developers of QuickSurface.

“The QuickSurface platform compliments our metrology solution products. Offering a simple yet cost effective way of taking any scan data meshes to 3D model with minimal CAD knowledge required by the user.” states James Barnes MD of Metrology UK.

QuickSurface is a complete reverse engineering software solution that compliments any 3D scanner. Working with a large STL files, QUICKSURFACE provides all necessary tools to convert the meshes into editable CAD models. Interactive tools for hybrid parametric modelling of both organic and prismatic. Export data in standard IGES or STEP fi­le formats or build fully parametric history tree directly into other CAD packages.

From 3D Scan To CAD

Reverse engineering can be complex and tedious job, sometimes a time-consuming process to achieve the required results while maintaining accuracy and design intent. Quicksurface reconstructs parts simply and without compromising on quality.

Quicksurface’s simple workflow is designed for anyone who uses 3D scanning data regardless of the size of their business – from individual entrepreneurs, hobbyist, to small and large manufacturing companies.

Powerful and flexible Achieve the right results and get the accuracy and design intent you need when building CAD models.

For All Types of UsersAccessible by all different types of users from those who have no experience with reverse engineering to advanced users

Simple Yet Powerful – Easy to learn and use while at the same time powerful enough to complete complex tasks for 3D reverse engineering applications.

Quicksurface’s intuitive tools and workflow empower users to learn the software quickly, allowing users to be more productive in less time. It provides a similar work environment to other CAD packages many users already are already familiar with.

Why Quicksurface?

Incorporated Quicksurface unique features include:

  • Interactive selection instead of automatic segmentation on reference mesh
  • Constrained best fit
  • Relations between extracted primitives – parallelism, perpendicularity, coincidence, offset
  • Quick alignment based on extracted primitive (datum) prioritization
  • Mirrored point display to check symmetry of the aligned scan object
  • Realtime deviation colour map
  • Proprietary snap-to-mesh technology for free form modelling
  • Manipulator based accurate modification of the free form surfaces
  • Quicksurface Free Form is not only exact surfacing, the user can manually adjust the resolution and position of control points to avoid mapping of the surface to the reference mesh which may have outliers and noise;
  • Realtime deviation in Free Form, helping to create lighter surfaces with less control points
  • Control of patch size, and resolution, on the final Free Form surface

For more information: www.mesh2surface.com    www.metrologyuk.com