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3D Robot-Guided Component Picking With Single 6DOF Camera

MONO3D from ISRA Vision enables unsorted components to be automatically picked from a pallet or component carrier, making it a time and cost-efficient addition to any production line. Using MONO3D makes the need for high-precision component carriers and positioning technology redundant.

The system determines the position of an object in all six degrees of freedom (6DOF), comprised of the three spatial axes and the angles of rotation around each axes. The information on the component’s exact position is then used for precise robot path planning. All the MONO3D sensor system needs to reliably identify a component is three individual features, such as holes, edges or corners. This allows detecting a maximum variety of component shapes, without the need for pre-positioning. A precise picking and positioning process protects the component, prevents damage, and guarantees that it is placed properly in the defined position. In a multi-sensor arrangement with multiple systems, MONO3D covers measurement volumes of up to several cubic meters.

As part of the ISRA Vision Touch & Automate portfolio, MONO3D features an intuitive user interface that can be used without any expert knowledge and allows the operator to easily analyze the system when necessary. Additionally, the intuitive user interface supports effortless configuration of new component shapes within a matter of hours. Compatible with all common robot types, MONO3D ensures reliable production processes and automation for enhanced efficiency.

  • Precise 3D robot guidance with minimum material usage
  • Highly flexible system configuration to any customer requirements
  • Simple-to-use software with graphical user interface
  • Low space requirements and ease of integration in confined spaces
  • Sensor compatible with multiple sensor configurations
  • Ready to use in hours with any robot
  • Efficient object position determination in 6 degrees = x, y, z and Rx, Ry, Rz
  • Wide spectrum of volumes covered, from a few mm³ to several m³

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