3D Point-Cloud Scan, Optical Tracking & Dynamic Motion Captured In Common Coordinate System

Few metrology applications are as diverse as quality inspections, which encompass various inspection phases (first article, pre-production, in-line, and final inspection); inspection methods (non-destructive, reverse engineering, deformation testing, part-to CAD, etc.); part compositions (different materials and geometries); and part behaviour(static or dynamic motion). And few industries encompass every aspect of quality inspection quite like automotive and aerospace, where the sheer complexity and stringent specifications of the finished goods demand the most exacting quality assurance (QA) standards.

In automotive, the diversity and complexity of inspection routines can be illustrated by the door verification process. Traditionally, this process has been divided into multiple test scenarios, each requiring a separate, specialized measurement system:

• Door Closure
• Seal Deformation
• Panel Surface Analysis
• Flush and Gap

A white paper by NDI describes how 3D point-cloud scanning and dynamic motion measurement can be combined into a single verification inspection platform to perform all these different test scenarios. For this platform, quantitative data is captured and maintained within an end-to-end metrology solution based on uniform measurement validity.

While the test scenarios outlined in this white paper are specific to automotive door verification, the metrology techniques and platform used can be applied to almost any application and industry in which significant measurement speed, accuracy, and throughput are required.

The verification platform consists of advanced metrology hardware and analysis software that provide freeform laser scanning and real-time motion tracking. ALL NDI hardware components are integrated on a mobile cart for shopfloor portability including, PRO CMM Optical Tracker, PRO CMM Dynamic Measuring Machine (DMM) Option, ScanTRAK II Handheld 3D Laser Scanner, Multi-Sided Probe (MSP), computer or laptop and large-screen monitor with swivel action for positioning.

Measurements are compiled and analyzed by NDI’s DMM software for real-time motion tracking, and pre-integrated 3D imaging software for point-cloud surface capture.

The platform is based on the high-speed photogrammetry technology of the PRO CMM optical tracker (a portable armless CMM), which can measure parts or fixtures back to 7.5m in single setup, right at the source. The PRO CMM Dynamic Measuring Machine (DMM) option builds on the functionality of the optical tracker by adding real-time motion tracking of 3D objects through six degrees of freedom (6DOF) via the use of specially designed targets. The DMM tracks how the door’s movements (dynamic measurements) change over time. This level of shop-floor versatility allows operators to work efficiently towards the goal of accurate measurement to ensure complete door quality.

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