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3D Measurement Technology Embodies New Applications

Chinese company ZOZO has introduced enterprise-grade measurement technology allowing its leverage across new industries and applications, beyond the scope of its original fashion focus.

ZOZO, which operates an online fashion retail website, has launched the ZOZOSUIT 3D body measurement solution that can capture extremely precise 3D body scans. In conjunction with the launch, ZOZO is opening up its measurement technologies with an easy and accurate smartphone scanning solution to third parties to co-create new services. In offering its measurement technologies to third parties ZOZO hopes to power revolutionary new services by combining its measurement intelligence with the technologies and unique expertise of brand partners from a myriad of industries.

ZOZOSUIT is a highly accurate 3D body measurement suit that can generate precise 3D body models with a simple and intuitive scanning process. Gathering precise body measurements typically requires expensive and specialized 3D laser scanners. ZOZOSUIT 2 is claimed to have an average error of 3.7mm when compared to 3D laser scanners.

The new ZOZOSUIT 2 offers a significant improvement in resolution over its original design and is powered by a 50-times increase in fiducial markers, enabling a smartphone camera to capture detailed information of the body including curvature. The original suite was composed of 2mm fiducial markers while the new version uses 6mm fiducial markers allowing improved recognition and thus higher resolution scans.

Silhouette fitting, advanced body movement and pose detection support a seamless scanning experience and produces a detailed 3D model.

The smartphone-based, easy scanning process also provides precise body shape tracking for fitness, preventive medicine and healthcare applications. The high-resolution scans captured by ZOZOSUIT can be leveraged for sports, gaming entertainment and design engineering going far beyond the scope of fashion.