3D Machine Vision Company ISRA Acquires Polymetric

ISRA VISION, a leading industrial image processing company and 3D machine vision applications, has announced it has taken another step in the strategic expansion of its 3D portfolio with the acquisition of Polymetric GmbH, Darmstadt, Germany.

With the integration of Polymetric GmbH, ISRA is tapping important 3D technologies for the further development
of product lines based on integrated machine vision systems. The company plans to integrate Polymetric’s
areas of expertise, both in 3D measurement technology and in 3D object detection, as innovations
for future product and system in various industries and applications.

As part of a collaboration initiated in advance sensors for 3D measurement technology and 3D robot vision have been designed as components of the Industry 4.0 roadmap. This will be followed by 3D inspection systems for additional markets in the medium term. In the past, one of the areas in which Polymetric specialized was non-industrial sectors, particularly medicine with a focus on dental applications.

Polymetric GmbH, Darmstadt, was founded by Dr. Neugebauer 17 years ago as a spin-off of the renowned Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research. The company does not expect the Polymetric integration to make significant contributions to ISRA revenues until the medium term. Including an earn-out component, the transaction value is in the low single digit millions of Euro.

In addition to the double-digit organic growth, the integration of companies with synergy potential like Polymetric
is an important component of ISRA’s long-term strategy. These activities focus on target companies that
offer lasting benefits and opportunities with regard to technology leadership, market position, or expansion
into new markets. The management is currently observing and analyzing further potential targets in different
industries. A second project is expected to be completed within the next months.

Following a good start to the new financial year 2017/2018, ISRA is gearing its strategic and operational
planning toward structural expansion in all areas of the company and preparing for the next revenue
milestone of over 200 million euros.

For more information: www.polymetric.de  www.isravision.com