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3D Infotech Launches Aruna Robotics

3D Infotech has announced the launch of a new division named Aruna Robotics. This new division will leverage the technologies developed over the years for dimensional inspection cells to create a series of products to address the growing need for affordable robotic automation in any industry.

3D Infotech has been working with 3D scanning and probing for 15 years. In this journey, 3D Infotech stepped up to the challenge of creating custom scripts, designing new hardware, and developing custom software to deliver a multitude of automated systems for metrology applications. Driven by customer’s needs, this experience and knowledge led to the development of a series of motion control, machine vision, and augmented reality products. giving birth to a new line of products that also fit the needs of other automation applications beyond metrology.

COVID-19 changed everything, amid the birth of a new era in manufacturing, 3D Infotech realized that many companies would need to embrace automation to survive. Robotic automation using collaborative robots will lead the way in this transformation since it is the most accessible and affordable path. 3D Infotech is a Universal Robots Certified System Integrator (CSI) and also a UR+ partner, bringing Cobot based solutions to the market at a very rapid pace, including a series of software and hardware products that will work together with Universal Robots, focusing on making them affordable, accessible, and easy to use.

We realized that a lot of what we’ve developed over the years could be used outside metrology.  Some of the software and hardware tools that we’ve created exclusively for dimensional inspection can benefit other areas of production.” said Abdul Martinez, Director of Technology and Marketing at 3D Infotech.

Small and medium companies urgently need to embrace automation; having products that can work out-of-the-box without custom integration is critical, reducing total cost of ownership while enabling rapid deployment of automated solutions. Budgets are tight right now, and pressure is intense, that’s why we expect that our new line of products will fit perfectly into this mix.” said Rohit Khanna, President & CEO of 3D Infotech.

Aruna Robotics has a line up of products being launched this summer. Aruna Vision plans to lead the way as an affordable machine vision tool that turns a simple USB webcam into a smart sensor that can be used for:

  • ‘Presence and absence’ detection
  • Visual inspection using comparison
  • Error proofing for unknowns in any process
  • Automated product testing
  • Part placement

Aruna Vision software runs directly on the PolyScope interface found on the Universal Robot’s controller. It is integrated into the easy-to-use workflow for deploying systems in any type of factory automation application.

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