3D Industrial Object Recognition SDK FindSurface Released

CurvSurf, Inc. has announced the release of  FindSurface 2018an Intelligent 3D Industrial Object Recognition SDK, that can directly utilize unfiltered Dimensional Point Clouds. FindSurface brings Intelligent 3D object recognition to Reverse Engineering, Intelligent Robotics, and immersive 3D applications. FindSurface represents a solution for developing automated 3D geometry recognition, measurement and tracking applications. FindSurface works with point clouds generated with any scanner from a terrestrial scanner to a consumer tablet with a 3D camera.

The, patent pending, fully automated object detection and parameter estimation software tool can create clear images with accurate dimensional measurements instantly from large volume of image data in unordered, incomplete and error-contaminated dimensional point cloud.

Supported geometric features are Cuboid, Plane, Sphere, Cylinder, Cone, and Torus with geometric parameters such as 3D position, Orientation, Size, Radius, and Volume. Applications include Reverse Engineering, AR (Augmented Reality), Robot Vision, Logistic Managements, Deep Learning, Collision Avoidance, UAV, Autonomous Vehicles, and any 3D object recognition applications which needs “Human-Like” robust perception.

The core architecture consists of three algorithmic modules, allowing for object identification, point segmentation, and model fitting. Orthogonal distance fitting (ODF) algorithms estimate the model parameters by minimizing the sum of the squares of the minimum distances between the model feature and the measurement points. Curvature analysis of the local quadratic surfaces fitted to small patches of point cloud provide the necessary seed information for automatic model selection, point segmentation, and model fitting.

CurvSurf provides three different licenses types; Trial, Standard, and Professional. Developers can sign up for a free trial of FindSurface 2018.

The FindSurface SDK provides a continuous topology recognition surrounding the user. Most of 3D depth cameras, industrial 3D scanners, 3D vision systems, and 3D Lidar systems can be used with the FindSurface SDK. Developers can incorporate FindSurface SDK within their applications; examples are automatic/semi-automatic feature recognition in reverse engineering, handling occlusions in AR/MR/VR, pallet & package measurements in logistics, localization or station registration. The initial release is supporting Windows, other platforms will be supported in the future.

For more information: www.curvsurf.com