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3D Geometry Visualization Engine for Industry 4.0 Goes Open Source

Zea, a company specializing in Web-based 3D geometry visualization for Industry 4.0, has announced that the Zea Engine is now open source. For the Montreal-based company founded in 2015, its business model’s evolution will enable software developers to fully benefit from the advantages of open source in terms of innovation.

Zea is a web solutions company which solves real-time 3D visualization problems in design, manufacturing, and construction. Building on extensive computer graphics and 3D animation experience, Zea reinvents the way users experience 3D models. The developed tools leverage high-performance WebGL, WebXR, cloud computing, and the latest software technologies enabling users to collaborate more effectively and make 3D technical communication fast, easy, and open.

“Our partners benefit from source code access, it increases their autonomy and reduces their need for technical support,” said Philip Taylor, founding CEO of Zea. “IT companies will also build on their expertise with confidence and complete visibility into what’s happening under the hood. We have noticed a certain hesitation from companies to use the web to distribute their 3D intellectual property. This move will allow them to understand the Zea Engine better and manage IT security following their policies. We decided to embrace the open-source model, and this is our first step.”

The open-source model allows software developers to benefit and contribute to improving the Zea Engine’s code for solving the next-generation of 3D Web visualization problems for industry 4.0. Among the new model’s benefits, Zea provides an accessible entry point for companies developing 3D software for Industry 4.0. It is the only web-based 3D visualization engine on the market designed to promote third-party developers’ ecosystem while guaranteeing compatibility with the Zea engine. Zea offers priority access to technical support, documentation, a dedicated community, and development tools to complete the development experience.

“The model unlocks the innovation and influence that only an open-source community with a large ecosystem of collaborators can offer. After three years of evolution, shifting to open-source become a necessity for Zea as it constantly seeks to push the boundaries of innovation,” said Mr. Taylor.

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