3D Engineering Solutions Acquire 4 Axis Multi-Sensor Measuring System

3D Engineering Solutions has recently acquired a new O-INSPECT 863 multi-sensor measuring system from Zeiss. The machine is Zeiss’ largest O-Inspect Multi-Sensor system with measuring volume of 800mm x 600mm x 300mm and enables the optimal measurement of part characteristic either optically (2), by white light distance sensor (3) (using chromatic confocal principle) or by contact (1) (VAST XXT scanning probe) and in compliance with ISO standards.

“This new system combined with a new and just released True 4th Axis Rotary Table allows for inspection of complex parts such as cooling holes in additive manufactured aerospace part details that take hours to inspect. This new technology allows 2 axis rotary feedback using integrated scales – a first for this type of equipment. We are taking hours/days out of the inspection process and increasing the measurement reliability with this new capability.” States Rob Glassburn, P.E., VP of Operations at 3D Engineering Solutions.

Tactile and optical measurement techniques each have their strengths, and there are certainly measurement tasks that require only one of the two. But as a service provider 3D Engineering Solutions encounters customers with complex and demanding inspection requirements in all fields of industry including aerospace, automotive and medical.

“By combining tactile and optical measurement and in some specialized cases a third technology, “chromatic white light sensor” this multi-function machine eliminates the need to move test pieces between different pieces of equipment which speeds up the measurement process, increases the effective accuracy and reduces labor costs. This fully calibrated multi-function system allows inspection methods to complement one another, the combination will yield better data as the engineer can choose the most optimal method for each measurement.’

For more information: www.3d-engineering.net