3D CMM Scanner Geared For Productivity

At the EMO 2019 exhibition in Hanover Kreon showcased its laser 3D laser-line scanner. The Zephyr III is described by Kreon as a top-of-the-range 3D scanner able to scan extremely complex parts at a high acquisition speed of 600,000 pts/sec. Its broad laser line of 150 mm, unique on CMMs, brings a significant increase in productivity, especially with large parts. Its blue laser consistently delivers optimum measuring quality, even on black or glossy parts.

A 3D Scanner Ready For Automation

Combined with CMMs, the Zephyr III is a real plus for inspection automation. Compact and compatible with multi-orientation Renishaw PH10 heads, its great freedom of movement allows it to scan parts with complex geometries. With the added ability to attach a touch-probe directly underneath the scanner, the Zephyr III can scan and probe simultaneously in the same measuring range.

With unequalled flexibility of use, the Zephyr III is the 3D solution of choice for numerous measuring machines. Apart from CMMs, it can interface with optical trackers, machine tools, robots, or with KREON portable measuring arms.

For more information: www.kreon3d.com