3D Augmented Reality Using Laser Projection

Extend3D GmbH offers mobile and dynamic 3D Augmented Reality assistance systems compliant with Industry 4.0. The projection of planning data (digital template), as well as measurement- or simulation data directly onto the work-piece simplifies labor-intensive operations and communication processes in prototyping, assembly, and quality assurance, making them more cost-efficient.

Extend3D provides the answer to the challenges arising from the ongoing trend of increasing diversification and ever shorter product life cycles. Among the customers of Extend3D are well-known multinational companies as well as SMEs in industries such as automotive, aerospace, transportation, special vehicles, marine, and mechanical engineering.

The dynamic Extend3D Werklicht Pro 3D laser projector with integrated sensors, in combination with highly optimized data processes allows a bidirectional bridging of the digital model (CAD) with the component part or assembly. The instantaneous visualization of digital content directly onto the part makes complex plans and expensive templates superfluous. Complex sequences of operations and the positioning of parts can be accomplished accurately and efficiently reducing error rates significantly.

Whether it is for production start-up, production adjustments or process monitoring component sampling plays a crucial role in production-related quality management. Laser projection shows all the geometries such as areas, edges, bolts and rivet positions directly on the component.

One application in the aerospace industry of Werklicht Pro is its use during bracket mounting in aircraft construction . Brackets are important parts of an aircraft structure involving thousands of different types of bracket per aircraft which must be mounted when building large passenger aircraft. The particular difficulty is to place the bracket in the correct position and orientation.

Traditionally this task has been carried out using stencils or other simple aids. Errors can be enormously costly in terms of time and money in aircraft construction. Werklicht provides a solution by displaying the positioning and orientation of the bracket directly on the fuselage using its laser projection system. Time savings of 80% compared to conventional mounting processes can be achieved.
The Werklicht Prod will be exhibited at the Contro Expo Hall 5 Booth 5216 in May.
For more information: www.extend3d.de