360 Degree Vehicle Scanner Wins Recognition

Škoda Auto is getting involved in the high-tech hotspot of Israel. The Czech car manufacturer has formed several partnerships with Israeli start-ups due to a strong local scouting presence. One recently announced partnership is with Uveye, a company providing 3D scanning technology to capture complete 3D vehicle scans.

Vehicles can be easily and thoroughly scanned by Uveye’s advanced technology, which uses a 360-degree camera to scan the body, undercarriage and tires for damage and anomalies, producing a high-resolution 3D image within seconds. UVeye has significant potential to ensure vehicle safety in the vehicle return process at dealers, car rental or leasing companies and will soon be operating in the Czech Republic. ŠKODA AUTO is also considering testing the Uvey technology on its production line to spot vehicle defects or anomalies before reaching customers.

Andre Wehner, Chief Digital Officer at ŠKODA AUTO, responsible for development and digitization, stressed: “With our increased engagement in Israel, we are getting a good starting position for access to future technologies. We find there technologies with a high degree of maturity, which we test through strategic partnerships. That way, we implement the best and most innovative mobility solutions, providing a real value to our customers.”

The Uveye system scans, detects and identifies damages, modifications or discrepancies that might indicate a mechanical problem or a threat. Cloud-based architecture enables centralized management and provides a big-data platform for data-driven analytics.

In a separate announcement UVeye is expanding it’s reach into Japan with a deepening cooperation with Toyota Tsusho’s aftermarket group. The system will be deployed in auction sites and used on Toyota‘s used cars reducing the cost of vehicle inspections and will increase accuracy. Uveye will contribute to the evaluation of the life cycle of vehicles by detecting any anomaly such as an oil leak, corrosion, dents, etc.

“UVeye’s systems provide a general health check from the production line and until the car is taken off the road- the full life cycle of the car. The cooperation with Toyota Tsusho is an important step in achieving safe and reliable mobility.” Says UVeye’s CEO, Amir Hever.
For more information: www.uveye.com