360 Degree Rotating Viewer Added to Digital Microscope

Ash Technologies, designer and manufacturer of advanced inspection and measurement systems have announced their 360⁰ Rotating Viewer. The accessory, which can be used with the companies Omni Core digital microscope system, allows users to rapidly inspect samples from an oblique angle (28⁰ from vertical).

By simply rotating the viewer, the user can inspect any sample from multiple angles. Users can easily switch from 360⁰ view to normal view with the adjustable mirror. Ash COO Martin Cahill said: “ The 360⁰ Rotating Viewer is the perfect addition to the Omni Core and we are delighted with the finished solution. The 360⁰ Rotating Viewer is intuitive to use and very cost effective compared to other types on the market.” 

The 360⁰ Rotating Viewer can be utilized in a variety of applications including post AOI inspection in electronics and quality control inspection in medical device and metalworking.

For more information: www.ash-vision.com