TEC Eurolab Install 450kV Large Duel Detector CT System

TEC Eurolab is an industrial laboratory operating in Modena, Italy, since 1990. The company provides mechanical, chemical and physical laboratory testing and analysis services. These services include failure analysis, dimensional testing and metrology, welding certification, R&D of production processes, non-destructive testing and personnel training. The first 240kV computed tomography system joined the company three years ago, and now the market is ready for the new NSI X7000 machine.

“Computed Tomography (CT) has the unique capability to detect internal defects and to perform a full dimensional analysis of the inspected objects without the need of destroying or disassembling the objects themselves. It’s the perfect technology to assist our customers along their whole development chain: starting with failure analysis, we assist in the R&D of a new product or production process, up to first article inspection and quality control” states Marco Moscatti, responsible for TEC Eurolab’s Industrial CT department.

“We installed our first CT System, an NSI X5000 equipped with a 240kV micro-focus tube, in December 2013. During its’ three years of usage, the system has served our customers with unrivaled quality. Both the hardware and the software were engineered for maximum application flexibility and this enabled us to bring the Italian CT market to the next level.

“In addition to this positive experience, we’ve also performed a new market assessment evaluating the technical specifications of various CT equipment manufacturers. North Star Imaging stood out even in this second assessment. This is why we have decided to invest in a new NSI system to help us with the growing market.”

“Our new X7000 system is equipped with a 450kV tube and a dual detector. This second NSI system is dedicated to the thickest aluminum samples such as automotive engine blocks, and to the denser materials, like CrCo alloys used for additive manufacturing aerospace components.”

“We selected the X7000 as our second CT system because it has the largest scanning envelope and the finest tube and detectors in the market. This will allow us to scan samples as large as 110cm and 3m in height.”

Using the Varian 450kV mini-focus tube provides high power without compromising on the resolution. The focal spot can be as low as 400 microns and this, in synergy with NSI SubpiX software, enables the reach of resolutions way below 100 microns: this is  not achievable with any other high powered CT System. Combing this with the Linear Detector Array provided by Detection Technology, reduces artifact scatter to deliver the best image quality.

For addition information: www.4nsi.com