25th March Metrology News Bulletin

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Measurement Technology – Smart Eye For Production

Today’s production managers require greater flexibility for small batch size production and tight tolerances. On many production lines, the use of measurement technology for quality assurance is still realized off-line. Inspection equipment is often located at the end of a production chain and the quality of a component is only determined … read more

Out of Tolerance Equipment: Handling and Importance of Calibration Data

An out of calibration or out of tolerance equipment can have serious implications on the quality of product and eventually on the reputation of your company. So, what exactly does calibration out of tolerance mean? Sometimes, during calibration of equipment, certain point or points fail to meet the required tolerance … read more

Robot Accuracy Determination Goes Full Circle

Laser Tracker inventor, Dr Kam Lau – CEO of API Metrology, recently explained his background that led to the Laser Tracker invention. Its original purpose – to determine the performance of industrial robots. Now some 35 years later the Laser Tracker is taking center stage in robot calibration and dynamic … read more

Aberlink To Debut Linear Drive CMM

Aberlink will have a new linear drive CNC CMM making its debut at the upcoming Control Exhibition.  Named the Horizon CMM, it breaks new ground in design and innovation and will enable Aberlink to further extend its horizon into the high-end CMM market place. Linear motors provide a frictionless maintenance free … read more

LMI Launches 3D Smart Sensor for Scanning Glass and Specular Surfaces

LMI Technologies (LMI), has announced the launch of the Gocator 2512 laser line profile sensor, a dedicated high-performance 3D machine vision solution for scanning glass and other specular surfaces. The company will be introducing the new sensor in booth at the upcoming Vision exhibition in Shanghai, March 20-22, 2019. Gocator 2512 … read more


Multi Sensor CMM Controls Critical Machining Process

An aerospace manufacturer says its partnership with multi-sensor metrology expert OGP UK has been a ‘game-changer’ for delivering right-first-time parts in a highly regulated industry. Winbro Group, a world leader in the design and production of machines and technologies based on non-conventional processes, specializes in producing the miniature cooling holes and … read more

Automotive Supplier Sees The Complete Picture

ADAC Automotive first opened its doors in Grand Rapids, Michigan USA in 1975. Back then, the small company was known as ADAC Plastics. Today, ADAC Automotive is a tier-one automotive supplier that focuses on the production of vehicle entry systems, exterior and interior door handles, exterior trim and exterior mirrors … read more

3D Smart Sensors Drive Increased Factory Automation

The use of industrial robots in mass production environments has many proven benefits. Most importantly, robots automate tasks that previously were done manually. Robots are able to work for extended periods of time with a high level of speed and repeatability, which significantly increases product quality and productivity while minimizing … read more

Accurate Optical Measurement of Vertical Surfaces

So far, geometries such as the bore holes of e.g. injection valves in the automotive industry could hardly be measured optically. Lateral probing of components with vertical surfaces was limited to tactile measuring systems, CT solutions or complex special solutions. This changes with a new function of the optical coordinate … read more

Predicting the Performance of Agile Additive Manufacturing Designs with CT

Additive manufacturing (AM) is one of the most revolutionary processes to come along in many years, making a dramatic impact on the industrial market. Also known as 3D printing, AM is a manufacturing technique that builds objects layer by layer using materials such as polymers, metals, and composites. This fast-evolving … read more

Measuring on Machine-Tools Correlates With CMM

Nowadays measuring of work-pieces while clamped on machine-tools is state of the art in series-production more and more. At company RUAG big rings for the fans of jet-engines are manufactured by using touch probes and 3D Form Inspect software from m&h. In a division of RUAG manufacturing thin-walled fan-rings for jet-engines … read more

Automated Optical Inspection of Automotive Components

At its plant in Louny, Spain, Gestamp manufacturers more than 230 different body-in-white parts for a total of 13 OEMs. The Challenge: To Monitor Production Processes One particular reason for this success is the company’s ability to master tailored tempering, a particularly tricky hot stamping process. Since the tools wear out more … read more

Hand Held Scanner with In Built Touchscreen Launched

What is claimed as a ‘first of its kind’, Calibry from Thord3D is a hand-held 3D scanner developed to capture medium and large objects. It has a built-in touchscreen for ease-of-use during scanning and weighs a mere 700gr (1.5lbs). Calibry can capture historically-difficult objects to scan such as sharp edges … read more

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