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SmartRay Expands 3D Sensor Toolset Enhancing Reflective Surfaces Measurement

3D sensor manufacturers, SmartRay, has expanded its suite of intelligent software-firmware optimisation tools to help manufacturers improve product quality and reduce production costs.  The latest addition to the SmartX toolset will boost accuracy and performance for sensors inspecting shiny surfaces.

Customers in a range of industrial applications, such as consumer electronics, mobile phones, automotive metal parts, and medical implant sectors, can all benefit from the SmartX tools, which are included free with the ECCO 95 sensors as part of SmartRay’s Software Development Kit (SDK).

The SmartXact and SmartXpress tools are already available to customers, and SmartXtract will be added in the SDK 5.5 update.

These tools are designed to maximise the potential of SmartRay’s ECCO 95 3D laser triangulation sensors, delivering superior data quality, ultra-high accuracy, and increased scanning speeds.

Typically, placing extra software onto the sensor risks to compromise the measurement performance from the associated thermal interference. SmartRay’s unique firmware-software configuration allows the ECCO 95 to deliver enhanced capabilities while maintaining exceptional high speed and accuracy.

SmartXact delivers the extra precision needed for challenging metrology applications. It is a 3D data generation mode that helps to improve accuracy and repeatability. Intelligent data generation techniques within the firmware and enhanced data processing algorithms in the SDK combine to help improve the accuracy and repeatability of the data.

SmartXpress boosts scanning rates by up to 35% with multiple region of interest (ROI) functionality. Using this tool, the multiple ROIs can be configured by either selecting or masking regions– by scanning the selected windows instead of the full area, the scan rate is increased.

SmartXtract is an advanced filtering tool for shiny reflective surfaces that ensures customers measure what they scan – not the reflection. Combining smart 3D data generation techniques with high-end reflection filtering algorithms, it extracts the best data points from any noisy, reflective surface, instantly improving accuracy and results.

Dr. Stefan Wörz, Director R&D Software, SmartRay, said: “Our SmartX tools use a range of techniques and algorithms to fine-tune our ECCO 3D sensors to meet specific customer requirements. They help our customers to overcome complex application challenges, to achieve the highest possible accuracy and repeatability of results.”

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