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2020 – Metrology Year in Review

We look back over 2020 and highlight Metrology News articles that featured technologies that are shaping the future of manufacturing metrology along with exclusive interviews with industry experts.

Multi-Sensor CMM – One Machine Measures All

Advanced coordinate measuring equipment has traditionally been classified into three main categories of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), optical digitizers and scanners (ODS), and video measuring machines (VMMs). Originally the three coordinate measuring products were principally focused in different market sectors: CMM – machined, stamped, fabricated and medium and large plastic parts … read more

What Role Will Laser Trackers Play In The Future of Manufacturing

During his tenure at NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) from 1982 to 1987, Dr. Kam Lau invented the laser tracker that allows robot accuracies to be determined. To advance this technology, Dr. Lau founded Automated Precision, Inc. (API) in 1987 and continues to be the CEO and CTO … read more

The Road To Smart Machining – Automating Metrology Data on Machining Centers

The primary goal of any shop is manufacturing dimensionally accurate parts at minimum cost. While quality control is indispensable, conventional dimensional measurement methods are not efficient. Digitizing measurement data where parts are manufactured and sharing that data with all manufacturing devices enables a modern competitive factory for many industries. Implementing Industry … read more

Precision 3D Laser & CT Scanning Bring “Big Data” Directly To The Top Floor From The Shop Floor

Industry 4.0 Through The “Eyes” Of Metrology Industry 4.0 – Big data – The Internet of Things (IoT) – We’ve all heard these phrases a hundred times in the last few years. What do they mean? How can they impact your business on a daily basis? Metrology company, Exact Metrology co-owners …read more

Quality Data – The Fuel Of The Modern World

In order to fully realize your data’s potential in the pursuit of increased productivity and efficiency, three factors in particular are crucial: companies need to collect the right data and ensure a seamless transfer of information across the entire value creation chain so that ultimately this can be properly correlated … read more

Integrated Metrology – A 10 Year Roadmap For Advanced Manufacturing

A new report has been published to help advanced manufacturers exploit growing commercial opportunities and to identify future R&D priorities in an Industry 4.0 age. Particular focus in the 10-year road map document has been placed on measurement and control techniques, known as metrology, in the digital industrial technologies revolution. With digital … read more

3D Optical Metrology Tools For Advanced Manufacturing

When looking at metrology, general discussion often revolves around the relative merits of contact or non-contact measurement solutions.  There is now a drive across nearly all industries for smaller and more complex components (which are often prone to contamination or damage by even the … read more

Novel Approach Produces Completely New Dynamic Light Structure

It is not every day that scientists are able to produce an entirely new kind of light, but when they do the implications can be dramatic. When twisted light beams carrying orbital angular momentum were uncovered in 1992, researchers realized the potential to increase data transmission speeds over current approaches. … read more

Why Industrial CT Scanning?

You’ve likely heard about the use of industrial CT scanning and may be wondering if adopting it is the right move for your growing manufacturing business. This article provides a look at the current state of product inspection, what CT scanning combined with analysis and visualization software brings to the … read more

Entering a New Era in Visual Inspection

Most factories have inspectors checking parts visually to make sure there are no defects. This is typically a labor intensive, time consuming, and highly subjective task. Companies spend countless hours inspecting parts for scratches, dents, missing or misplaced components and other kinds of … read more

Driving Product Innovation With Reverse Engineering

Every time you capture physical reality to use as part of your digital design process, you are engaging in reverse engineering. Whether you call it reverse engineering or something else, you are almost certainly measuring physical parts and using those dimensions to inform multiple aspects of your product designs … read more

End To End Metrology Solutions

Metrology News recently sat-down virtually with the Metrologic Group CEO, Bertrand Gili, to discuss his view points on the role of manufacturing metrology and its transition and integration into smart factories. Metrology has become much more strategic to manufacturing over recent years. Can you comment on the role Metrologic Group is … read more

Measuring Measurement – Metrology Matters

The International Bureau of Weight and Measures states that: “Metrology is the science of measurement, embracing both experimental and theoretical determinations at any level of uncertainty in any field of science and technology.” Metrology is surely at the core of all practical scientific endeavours. Metrology is important because almost all of … read more

A.I. Challenges ‘Go-and-See’ Quality Control Methodology

At a factory south of Japan’s Toyota City, robots have started sharing the work of quality-control inspectors, as the pandemic accelerates a shift from Toyota’s vaunted ‘go and see’ system which helped revolutionize mass production in the 20th century. Inside the auto-parts plant of Musashi Seimitsu Industry, a robotic arm picks … read more

Deep Learning Delivers Automated Surface Defect Detection

Thousands of components and products made for automotive, aerospace, medical, and consumer electronics have specific demands on surface quality, both for cosmetic and functional purposes. From a cosmetic perspective, how something appears or feels to a customer affects its value and its overall quality impacting the way a consumer perceives … read more

Laser Scanners Transition to Automatic CMM Measurements

Laser line scanners are well respected and intensely utilized on manual portable arm coordinate measuring devices, for both reverse engineering and part inspection, in numerous industries, including automotive, aerospace, tooling, and prototyping. The use of laser line scanners on traditional fully automatic CMM’s has been presented at trade-shows for more … read more

The ‘Inside Story’ of Computed Tomography

Computed tomography (CT) is the most effective technology for non-destructive testing (NDT). The dataset obtained from a CT scan allows users to examine material samples, observe defects, perform measurements and identify materials with different densities. Engineers, builders, researchers and scientists can therefore discover features that could not previously be examined … read more

Is Sweden Holding the Recipe for Digital Metrology in Smart Factories?

Sweden, with just a little over 10 million population, has been the birthplace of a long row of successful companies with a global reach. The country’s forward thinking culture, and digitally connected economy, has a lot to do with this according to the country’s official website. As iconic as Swedish meatballs, … read more

BMW Sets Out 7 Principles For Use of Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is a central element of the digital transformation process at the BMW Group. The BMW Group already uses AI throughout the value chain to generate added value for customers, products, employees and processes. Michael Würtenberger, Head of ‘Project AI: “Artificial intelligence is the key technology … read more

Data and Information Rich – Closing The Loop

Data Rich and Information Rich One of the long-standing challenges of managing a 100% data sample is being data rich but information poor. In today’s modern manufacturing facilities, the fast cycle times and large data sets can often paralyze the people responsible for managing the overall quality of the parts produced. ….read more

Will Portable Metrology Survive Industry 4.0?

Portable metrology equipment has seen a meteoric rise in its role supporting the various aspects of manufacturing over the past decade including reverse engineering, prototype part inspection, low volume production measurements, tooling and fixture inspection and alignment and the interrogation of product quality issues etc. One significant characteristic of portable … read more

Digital Manufacturing Explained

Digital manufacturing is the application of computer systems to manufacturing services, supply chains, products and processes. Digital manufacturing technologies link systems and processes across all areas of production to create an integrated approach to manufacturing, from design to production and on to the servicing of the final products. By modelling and … read more

Industrial CT Enhancing Smart Manufacturing

Waygate Technologies (WT) traces its heritage in X-ray technology back to the times of Seifert whose name is still attached to some of their legacy products. Soon after Roentgen’s discovery of X-Rays in 1895, and imaged the bones in his wife’s hand – “I have seen my death” was her … read more

Optical Comb Technology Shines New Light on Measurement

XTIA in Japan claims its position as the first company in the world to bring the Nobel Prize winning optical comb technology to industrial measurement applications. XTIA is leveraging its coaxial measurement configuration to measure complex 3D geometries and at very high speeds … read more

Absolute and Smart Inline Inspection is a Game Changer

We have witnessed in-line and at-line robotic measurement solutions gathering momentum over the past year with numerous solutions coming to market and supply companies being the subject of acquisitions. Metrology News sat down with ZEISS (Robert Wasilesky Global Key Account Manager – Automated Inspection) to gauge its views on the … read more

Visual Quality Control: “Yes – There’s Now Even an App for That!”

Perform a visual inspection using commercial, off-the-shelf devices such as iPads and iPhones. Operations teams are looking for easy to deploy computer vision solutions that can scale with their needs. AI technologies have been proven to evolve their ability to accurately identify issues and take action. By easily adding intelligent ‘eyes’ … read more

Manufacturing to Get Educated with Deep Learning

One of the most hotly discussed topics in the manufacturing world today is Industry 4.0. A broadly defined group of emerging innovations in industrial automation, IoT devices, deep learning, and data exchange, Industry 4.0 is set to deliver a myriad of benefits to the factory floor. Points of view differ … read more

Factory 2030 – The ‘Coming of Age’ of The Smart Factory

In December 1913, Henry Ford introduced the first moving assembly line enabling the mass production of an entire automobile. The innovation reduced the assembly time of a vehicle build from more than 12 hours to just 93 minutes. When the Model T was introduced by Ford in 1908 he continued to … read more

Holographic 3D Imaging Takes Shape

The concept of a volumetric display has been taken in many different directions, from VR and AR to autosteroscopic screens. Now an Australian start-up company, Voxon Photonics, has introduced 3D Volumetric Technology that was recently showcased at the Radiological Society Of North America (RSNA) conference and reported by Imaging Technology … read more

Seeing Into The Future Of Computed Tomography

Jesse Garant Metrology Center is a specialized part inspection company located in North America with a focus, since 2009, on providing Industrial CT Scanning Services. Metrology.News recently sat down with company founder and president Jesse Garant, a mechanical engineer with 20 years of management and practical manufacturing experience … read more

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