2019 – Metrology Year in Review

We look back over 2019 and highlight below some of the Metrology News articles that feature technologies that are shaping the future of manufacturing metrology.

Optical Measurements Migrating Process Control to Process Knowledge

Metrology is manufacturing is migrating its role from quality control to being integral to the manufacturing processes whether it be near-line or in-line. Utilizing the metrology data immediately to adapt manufacturing processes is becoming the new norm with ‘time-lagged off-line quality control no longer serving the new dynamic employed in …

Metrology To Drive Factories Of Future

Metrology News Editor was recently privileged to spend 2 days touring the Advanced Manufacturing Research Group (AMRC). Focused activity buildings include composites, nuclear, machining and castings operating under a methodology of cooperative technology development activities between the AMRC and industrial partners. The AMRC was established in 2001 as a £15 million … read more

Industry Shifting From 2D to 3D Inspection

In order to meet the demands of emerging quality control applications, the industry is undergoing a fundamental transition from 2D to 3D technology. The reason? There are many applications where 3D is the only viable solution for automated quality control. As the level of automation increases and product quality becomes … read more

Shop Floor CMMs Monitor Production Quality

With the current closed loop manufacturing trend, the Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) is finding a new role as a flexible production gauge adjacent to the machine tool or production process. With the advent of Industry 4.0, the CMM remains a highly accurate, flexible measuring device capable of delivering to the …read more

Artificial Intelligence To Drive Intelligent Production

Transporters find their way through factory halls on their own, plants optimize their power consumption during live operation, and machines perform quality-control checks – and make the necessary adjustments – while manufacturing is still in progress. Artificial intelligence offers tremendous potential for industry. It’s already making production more efficient, more … read more

Deep Learning Guide – Combining Artificial Intelligence with Machine Vision

From the phones in our pockets to the reality of self-driving cars, the consumer economy has started to tap into the power of deep learning’s neural networks. This technology is now migrating into advanced manufacturing practices for quality inspection and other judgement-based uses. Deep learning-based image analysis combines the specificity … read more

Optical 3D Scanning and X-Ray Tomography Accurately Measure AM Part Geometry

Medical and Aerospace companies count among the early adopters of metal Additive Manufacturing (AM). The usually highly innovative automotive industry, however, so far struggles with the high manufacturing cost of Additive Manufacturing. An exception are high performance cars with low production volumes and demand for customization. With metal Additive Manufacturing, two … read more

Will Spherical Multi-Axis Electric Motor Revolutionize Industrial Motion?

Will Honeywell’s multi-axis Spherical Motor change the way engineers think about motion? This ground-breaking technology offers a tightly integrated motion control device that moves about two axes independently or simultaneously. The spherical motor allows manufacturers to move a part, or structure, in two directions with one motor instead of the classic … read more

Deep Learning + Machine Vision = Next-Generation Inspection

Combining machine vision and deep learning will give companies a powerful mean on both operational and ROI axles. So, catching the differences between traditional machine vision and deep learning, and understanding how these technologies complement each other – rather than compete or replace – are essential to maximizing investments. Over the … read more

Multi-Sensor Technology – Crossing Thin Blue Line

Advanced coordinate metrology equipment has traditionally been classified into three types namely coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), optical digitizers and scanners (ODS), and video measuring machines (VMMs). Originally the three coordinate measuring products were principally focused in different market sectors: CMM – machined, fabricated and medium and large plastic parts ODS – read more …

Go Beyond 4.0 – Digital Manufacturing Revolutionizes Mass Production

The current globally implemented production concept is all about the mass production of identical products to maximize production efficiency. On the other hand the future of automotive, aerospace and lighting markets is designated by the demand of manufacturing customized products. The obvious challenge of this demand is to maintain the read more …

Portable Metrology Continues Its March Onto The Manufacturing Floor

Portable metrology equipment has seen a dramatic rise in its role of supporting manufacturing over the past decade with applications including reverse engineering, prototype part inspection, low volume production measurements, tooling and fixture inspection and alignment, interrogation of product quality issues etc. One significant characteristic of all portable metrology equipment … read more

The Birth of Constant Optimization

Today, modern production facilities don’t simply exist in the physical world. Everything that is crucial for their functioning – whether it’s milling machines, assembly line robots, automated warehouses, or even air conditioning or lighting systems – sends signals to on-site computers and servers, continuously creating an instant inventory of its … read more

What is Augmented Intelligence?

In the future decision-making will involve a creative mix of data, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI), with the added input of human judgment. The result is augmented intelligence – where the analytical power and speed of AI takes over the majority of data processing, guiding human employees to make more … read more

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