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1st Time User Pre-Setter Offers Large Measurement Range

Compact, reliable, and cost-effective are all characteristics of the new pre-setting device GARANT VG Basic from the Hoffmann Group. This robust pre-setting device comes with an impressive range of basic functions at a lower cost that will enable the user to measure cutting tools quickly and accurately and on a budget. In addition, the GARANT VG Basic features fully-fledged electronic measuring equipment with a digital camera and a measurement range of up to 400 millimeters on both axes. A 10” touch screen, three USB ports, and an attractive design add the finishing touches to the product. The user can also include a label printer, which will enable them to print the measuring results onto an adhesive label to stick on the tool – thereby guaranteeing a greater degree of transparency.

On the new GARANT VG Basic pre-setting device, both the X and Z axes can be moved by up to 400 millimeters using a pneumatic quick adjustment device. This requires a compressed air supply of at least 73 psi. When an additional fine adjustment is made, the two axes can be positioned accurately enough that the exact tool dimensions can be determined using the robust measuring system and the high-performance CMOS color camera with 17x magnification. The device is very easy to operate, as an intuitively designed menu guides the user through the program. Therefore, the GARANT VG Basic is a robust piece of basic equipment for use at the machine or production island.

The smart and well manufactured pre-setting device rests on height-adjustable feet, which support a sturdy base body made of high-strength aluminum and a high-quality sheet metal housing. The software is available in all common language versions. The user can choose to have the measuring result displayed in either millimeters or inches. The product is supplied with a cutting edge cleaner, SK 50 needle bearing spindle, a coiled compressed air hose and a ¼” coupling connector. In addition to the label printer, the optional accessories include a subframe cupboard, calibration mandrel, spindle clamp, and a variety of reducers.

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