On-Machine Part Inspection with Portable CMM

Since being established in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1948, AJT Engineering Ltd has developed into a renowned provider of multi-discipline engineering services to a broad cross section of industrial sectors. AJT Engineering Ltd specializes in the repair of surface and sub-sea drilling equipment, blowout preventers, drilling and production tubulars, in addition to new equipment manufacturing.

The company’s 70,000 square feet comprehensive production facilities include a wide range of both conventional and CNC large capacity machine tools, enabling customers’ machining requirements to be carried out efficiently and economically.

Farm Arm Measuring on Shop FloorA major factor in AJT Engineering continuing success is the company’s all-embracing quality ethos. An attitude of ‘right first time’ manufacturing and a philosophy of seeking continuous improvements influence all of the company’s production activities. In addition to employing dedicated measuring instruments, given its renowned accuracy, flexibility and portability, AJT Engineering make constant use of a FARO Gage portable CMM throughout the shop.

Alasdair Purvis, Technical Support at AJT Engineering Ltd explained. “Despite the current recession hitting manufacturing companies involved in the North Sea Oil & Gas sector, we are continuing to enhance our existing CNC machine shop capability, as illustrated by the recent acquisition of four advanced CNC machine tools.”

“In fact it was a previous investment in modern manufacturing technology that motivated the purchase of our FARO Gage portable CMM. Prompted by increased levels of output and the need to preserve and further develop our measurement and inspection capabilities, we searched for a suitable measuring technology.”

“Due to the size, complexity and precision of many of the parts we need to measure, we knew that our search would not be an easy one. In addition, given our need to undertake measuring routines in all areas of our vast site, and also our requirement to occasionally take accurate measurements of complex components off-site, the chosen technology needed to be easy to use, robust and portable.”

“Having examined several alternative systems, and impressed by its advanced capabilities and ease of use, we purchased a FARO Gage measuring arm, and following a short training session our operators became skilled in the Gage’s use. Our FARO Gage is now used across a wide range of both in-process and final inspection situations.”

Faro Portable Arm Bore Inspection“Although, it is in ‘on-machine’ situations that our FARO Gage really comes into its own. In addition to being a time consuming and costly exercise, it is almost impossible to remove a partially machined component from a machine tool, take the required measurements then replicate its original location to enable further machining to take place. Our GAGE has proved invaluable in this area. Now, due to the instrument’s sturdy construction and portability we are able to measure parts in process, whilst they are still located in the machine tool. This allows us to prove the machine program on the machine rather than at latter inspection. Our increased use of on-machine inspection has resulted in several major advantages, including less machine tool down-time, reduced scrap levels, less re-work and faster delivery times.”

“Due to the diversity of our work, the flexibility and adaptability of the FARO Gage has also proved invaluable in enabling complex and accurate final inspection routines to be undertaken.”

On-machine inspection has resulted in –

  • Less machine tool down-time
  • Reduced scrap levels.
  • Less re-work
  • Faster delivery times.

The ingenious FARO Gage measuring arm is an easy to use, fast, accurate portable CMM that ends companies’ reliance on expensive and inflexible fixed CMMs. The FARO Gage offers high accuracy levels, improved measurement consistency and reduced inspection times. In addition, following a measuring routine, the FARO Gage is able to automatically generate user defined inspection reports.

Designed and constructed specifically for use by shop floor personnel, the robust user friendly FARO Gage can be set up in seconds, allowing both skilled and semi-skilled personnel to measure parts and assemblies easily, quickly and most of all accurately.

The FARO Gage’s advanced design maximizes accuracy by allowing users to maintain their focus and to achieve quality results.  Internal counterbalancing limits user fatigue, whilst built-in temperature and overload sensors allow the FARO Gage to detect and react to change.

As a single, multi-use, accurate tool, the FARO Gage saves both time and money and brings an end to disorderly inspection areas cluttered by numerous traditional dedicated measuring instruments, such as calipers, height gauges and micrometers.

The FARO Gage enhances productivity by completing faster and more accurate measurement routines. Features such as a spherical working volume of 1.2m (4 ft.) and accuracy up to 0.018mm (0.0007 in.) provide performance comparable to a fixed CMM, but with previously un-imagined levels of flexibility and portability

The FARO Gage is ideal for quality control tasks such as first article inspection, GD&T and for exporting dimensional data for SPC (Statistical Process Control) analysis. Further speeding-up measuring routines, FARO’s intuitive metrology software helps GAGE users to quickly create custom routines for repeat part measurements.

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