Mitutoyo Introduces New QS-L Vision Series

Mitutoyo America Corporation has announced the release of the QS-L Vision Series to its Vision Measuring System Line. The new scope series features a high definition and high-speed auto focus 3-megapixel camera, a four-quadrant LED ring light using high-intensity to provide better observation performance and an interchangeable objective lens zoom unit producing a very sharp image due to a high numerical aperture.

Key features of the QS-L Vision Series include :

  • Instant Image Auto FocusHeight measurement is performed efficiently as non-contact measurement requires the workpiece to be lightly fixed to the stage. Additionally, in contrast to a laser-equipped microscope, measurement is less influenced by the surface roughness of the workpiece.
  • Four-quadrant LED ring:Light LED sources are standard for all illumination methods. Color tone is kept constant even after illumination intensity adjustment so high color-reproducibility observation is possible. Additionally, four-quadrant reflected illumination is provided to enable contrast of surface features to be adjusted so that edge detection accuracy is maximized.
  • Interchangeable objective lens zoom unit: The newly designed 7X-zoom unit and optional interchangeable objectives provide magnification from 13X-184X on the monitor. A wide range of measurement is covered: wide view measurement at low magnification to micro-measurement at high magnification.

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