3D Scanning Accelerate Product Development And Root Cause Analysis

The GE Appliances Dimensional Control and Central Metrology teams are utilizing 3D scanning to accelerate product development and root cause analysis.

“At GE Appliances, we make life better by designing and building the world’s best Appliances. With the transition from GE to GE Appliances came the opportunity to leverage best practice sharing from other industries.  3D Scanning stood out as a transformational technology that offered us the potential to redefine the way we validate design intent, qualify parts, root cause issues, and control the production processes” states Omar El-Abed Metrology Leader

“Our capabilities have grown into multiple staffed labs with various high accuracy scan systems that can deployed depending upon the job requirements.  In 2017 our team has completed over 1500 individual part scans, ranging from simple part inspection to complex digital assembly studies.  The GEA teams are growing into a shop floor automated metrology solution in 2018, an ongoing full dimensional report.”

At GEA the NPI/COQ/AME teams have been leveraging the technology to drive improvements in craftsmanship and product quality by analyzing parts, assemblies, and tooling.  The visual richness of the data provides engineers with the information they need to drive root cause analysis and react to dimensional issues faster.This capability is enabling GEA engineers to transition from qualifying parts via 1D inspection with linear dimensions, to 3D inspection using GD&T MBD.

“We are continuously learning new applications for the technology.  3D scanning is moving beyond part inspection into creation of Virtual Reality models, competitor analysis, supporting CAE where CAD data is not available, and reverse engineering of tools and components. The use for the data is endless as we have found out- If you can digitize it, you can manipulate it” further comments Omar El-Abed

GEA has electrified and modernized life for more than 125 years with the legacy of invention. From the lab to the shop floor, the Dimensional Control and Central Metrology group strives to ensure that legacy continues for years to come.

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